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Dosage Form 
100 mg/ml

This anabolic steroid is used commonly by those who are high susceptibilities of estrogenic signs because in this steroid estrogen doesn’t produce. Body builders use metenolone during the resting time to keep their body in the same vigor and strength. It doesn’t have an approved prescription profile. Many players and body builders have tested positive for this steroid and penalized. Moreover, it is also formulated to assist patients suffering from certain idiopathic forms of anemia. Body builders use it when they are not functional as for as the exercise is concerned to maintain their physical appearance. It is very safe in women body builders because estrogenic signs are not produced by this anabolic steroid. It is indicated in the patients who have damaged bone marrow and any other idiopathic form of anemia because it stimulates erythropoiesis. It is contraindicated in the pregnant female and those male who are suffering from prostatic hypertrophy and prostatic cancer. It needs to be continued for three months at the prescribed dose rate. It shouldn’t be discontinued because the expected results could not be achieved.

Side Effects 
In adult males, there may be sluggish spermatogenesis. It affects the liver to some extent but the damage is comparatively less compared to other anabolic steroids.

Effective Dose 
200-1000 mg / week

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